Me or You?

March 08, 2020

Step by Step:

(1) This is an incredibly easy date. You just make sure that you and your date have a notecard (or paper the size of a notecard) and a pen. 
(2) Then when you start the video date, you explain to your date that you both need to write both your names on each card (one name on each side of the cards, do to both cards). Here you can be creative and also say to draw a doodle or something that you think of when you see each other’s names. 
(3) Next you explain that you’ll both take turns asking questions about each other and holding up the card to the forehead to answer them. For example, you can say, “who likes summer more?” and then you count down from 3 to 1 and each of you holds up a name. Then you both see what each other put and talk about it. For example, if I say that my date likes summer more, but she says that I like summer more, now we can talk about why we each think that. Take turns asking questions, to keep it from being one-sided. 
(4) You can play this game as long as you want and have topics to do so. In fact, it can be a lot of fun and can easily be used again and again in long distance, just using different topics.
(5) As always, after you finish your date, thank him/her, and (in this case) end the video call.
Cost: At the most $1. You just need paper and a pen.
What do you need: 
  • You each need a note card and a pen. It’s that simple.
Where to get the supplies:
  • It’s pretty easy to find a note card, but if you don’t have any, you can always just use a piece of paper that you cut to size. So hopefully you can get the supplies anywhere.

Ideas to mix up the date:
  • Pick certain topics to talk about. 
  • Make bets about who’s name is going to be shown the most. 
  • You can also do this date in-person, just chilling and sitting next to each other.
  • You can use nicknames.

How to do the date: 
  • I think we all know that long distance dates are tough. It’s hard not getting to spend time together having fun and learning about one another. However, long distance gives you an opportunity to learn a lot more about a person, because all you can do is talk. But even talking and finding things to talk about can sometimes hit a lull. So, this is a fun game that I’ve adapted from a wedding game. Either before or after you start the video call, make sure that you both have a blank note card and a pen. Then both you and your date write each of your names on one side of each card (so your card has your name on one side and his/her’s on the other, and your date’s card has the same). Then what you do is you explain that you’ll be doing is both ask each other “who’s” questions. For example, “who likes swimming more?”, “who’s been to more countries?”, “who’s more ready for kids?”, “who’s better with money?”, etc. Once you ask a question, you both count down from 3 and hold up a card with one of your names on it. Then you explain that you can talk about each other’s answers and thoughts and explore that topic deeper. For example, if my date and I both said held up my name to the question, “who likes swimming more”, I can ask why she thought that, and why I didn’t put her name up.  After explaining, play as many rounds as you want! I think it’s fun to take turns, so that you both get to choose topics that interest you. At the conclusion of the date, thank your date, and end the video call. 

  • Learn a lot more about your date, his/her likes and dislikes 
  • Learn how he/she sees different aspects of the world and how you and him/her see each other. 
  • Learn how well your date thinks up questions/topics to talk about. 
  • See how competitive your date can be in trying to prove who is right (i.e. “no, I’m telling you, YOU like summer a lot more than I do”). 
Type of date: Long-distance, can be used for a #justadate or #deeperdating
No car: Not Applicable. 
Pro Tip: 
  • If your date has a hard time thinking up questions and you know this in advance, it can be helpful to let her know what you’ll be doing on the date, so he/she can think of topics or questions. 
  • Honestly, I think girls typically are impressed with this date and how creative it is. And it really gives you an opportunity to talk about a lot of things in a non-stressful way. I use it to bring up some harder topics too, like “who’s better with money?” or “who’s more ready to for kids?”. Obviously, these are deeper topics and questions that you would only ask as your relationship gets deeper. 

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