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February 17, 2020

Step by Step: 
(1)  This date is a bit of a slow pace (not as action packed) so you’ll want to ask someone that you are comfortable doing this with (why it's not as great for a first date) and who you think loves learning.

(2)  After you’ve decided who to ask, ask him/her! You can either tell him/her to think of some ideas of things they’d like to learn or you can simply surprise him/her. Your date shouldn’t have to wear anything in particular to make this date comfortable.

(3)  Once you pick up your date, I would suggest that each of you make a list of three things that you’d like to learn (three gives you some options for the date portion). Next I would tell my date that today we’re going to learn something new, and we’re going to teach each other! So both of you need to pick one thing on that list that you want to learn about and teach the other person. An example could be one person chooses “Gardening” and the other person chooses “Mandarine Chinese”. After you’ve both picked, explain to your date that not only are going to learn about these things, but you are going to teach each other try them out! 

(4)  Next you each need to decide on where you are going to go to learn more about your selected topic! Good places to go include, the library, a bookstore, on a cozy couch with YouTube, Pinterest, Google, etc. I think the library is an excellent option because then you two can walk together looking at books and talk about what you see. Then once you’ve got your books in hand, find a place to sit down and read a bit for 20-30 minutes. If you decided to look up YouTube videos or something online, I would just make sure that you both sit together, avoid getting distracted by anything else on the phone, and keep one headphone out (if you need to use headphones) so you can still talk about whatever you want to. 

(5)  After you’ve spent some time briefly learning about the topic you selected, the next part of the date is spent teaching it to each other and sharing personal insights. For example if you were learning Mandarin Chinese, you could share with your date phrases and words that you learned. 

(6)  Now you need to go out and try to do what you both learned! Following the “Mandarin Chinese” example, I would go with my date to a Chinese restaurant for food (or maybe just dessert) and we would both try to say the phrases we’ve learned! Or if my topic was “Gardening”, I would go buy a plant with my date (or seeds and a pot) and we would apply what we’ve learned. Ideally this part shouldn’t go over an hour (it’s a deeper date so it’s ok if your date takes a little longer). 

(7)  At the end take your date home, thank him/her for the time together, and end the date.

  • This date doesn’t have a specific cost, so I would just set a budget of anywhere from $15-$20. That gives you roughly $10 per activity.
What do you need: 
  • A place to sit and learn 
  • A phone and headphones (only if you decide to learn via online sources)
  • A place with a lot of books 
    • Library
    • Bookstore 
    • Walmart, Target, etc. 
    • Thrift Stores 
  • Totally depends on what your activities are!
Where to get the supplies:
  • It depends on what you’re going to be learning about and doing.
How to do the date: 
   In doing this date I would pick someone who you know loves to learn or someone that you would love to learn something new with. After you pick him/her up, write down some things that you both would like to learn (anything from languages to skills to hobbies). Then you each pick something that you’d like to learn that night and like to try doing. Once you’ve done this, go somewhere that would help you learn about chosen topics! I chose the library because you can find a book on pretty much anything. I also used YouTube for a few videos. After you both take some time to learn together, share anything and everything that you learned that you find helpful. Once you’re done sharing, figure out a way to go do something to practice your new skills! After you’ve had fun showing off what you’ve learned, thank your date for the awesome time and take him/her home!
  • Learn what the other person is interested in.
  • Learn what the attention span is of the other person.
  • Have the opportunity to learn and to share things that you think are amazing! 
  • Learn how your date likes to teach / be taught 
  • See how creative you and your date can be. 
  • See how brave your date is in learning and doing something new.
Type of date: Deeper date
No car: I think this date would be much easier with a car! But if you don’t have one and you are near a library or somewhere to sit and read/study together, you can always walk to it.
Pro Tip: 
  • If your resources are limited (for example, if you think your date might want to learn how to snowboard, but it’s summer), set some parameters for what you want to learn (for example you could say, “write down something you can learn in the summer”). 
  • Don’t let yourselves be distracted by other things on the phones if you are using them to learn. 
  • If you want to do multiple things on your date’s list, you can always plan them for other dates!
Ways to Mix Up the Date:
  • You could pick hot topics to talk about (politics, religion, etc) 
  • You could pick other people to teach (roommates, kids, siblings, the other couple if this is turned into a group date, etc) 
  • You could set a specific category of activities, like “Arts and Crafts”, “Outdoor Things”, “Exercise Activities”, etc. 
  • You could choose one thing to learn together and then you both just study that topic. For example you both read about “Painting”. 
  • You could go to an old bookstore or a thrift store and you both have to learn about the topic of the first book that you find and pull off the shelf. 

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