Special Delivery

March 09, 2020

Step by Step: 
(1) The very first step is to get the mailing address of the person you’re going to take on this long-distance date. If you already know it, great! If not, you’ll need it! 
(2) Next decide which date you can do via long distance and then gather 2x the needed supplies (half for you, half that you’re sending to your date). For example, you could do the “Night with Bob Ross” date and you’d want to get a blank canvas, a few paintbrushes, and some paint. Or for a Netflix and Chill date, you could send snacks (like popcorn), a movie (or a password to a video streaming service to watch a movie), and a small blanket.
(3) After you’ve got the needed supplies, you need to find a box that’ll fit the half of the supplies that you’re sending. 

(4) Go to your local shipping place (FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service, Zippy Ship N Copy, etc.) and figure out when your package will get to your date! At this point, it’s totally up to you as far as cost and delivery time. I personally would choose a cheap option (since you already have to pay for the supplies and for shipping) that takes a bit longer to get there, and then plan the date around the delivery date. When you do know when it’s going to get there, give your date a heads up that a special package for a fun date is coming and NOT to open it, till you both have set aside a time to have a video call.
(4) When your date has the package, go ahead and video call him/her. While you’re face-to-face have your date open up the box and start the date! Depending on what the date is, you may have to give your date a few more instructions. For example, if you’re doing the “Bob Ross” painting date, tell your date to make sure to wear clothes that can get paint on them. Or if your date is to “Netflix and chill”, you could tell them to wear sweats and also send them a face mask. 
(5) After the date, clean up, thank your date for the awesome time, and end the video call. 
  • The cost of the supplies (ideally no more than $15-$20)
  • The cost of shipping (ideally no more than $15)
What do you need: 
  • Depends entirely on the date idea that you’re going to do, but for sure a box to send your date idea in. Plus tape and the address. 
Where to get the supplies: 
  • Most of the places where you can send your package, you can also get the box. 
  • Other places include grocery stores (like Walmart, Brolums, etc.) 
Ideas to mix up the date: 
  • If you can’t send the person you’re taking on the date something, you can also send the needed funds to buy it. For example, if it’s just too hard to send the paint, you can send $5 (cash or gift card) for him/her to go buy it themselves. Just know that if you’re sending it via an envelope, there’s the risk of it being lost or stolen. Another option is to simply Venmo the person the needed money. 
  • If you’re trying to do something special for an anniversary or special occasion, it might be worth it to pay to make sure it gets there on time. Additionally, you could decorate the box. 
  • If you are trying to win the person over, you could send a favorite chocolate or sweet treat with the package. 
How to do the date: 
This date is really up to you and your creativity. I think one way to start is to think of something that he/she likes to do OR things that you wish you could do with him/her OR something you’d like to learn about him/her and an activity that could help you find out more. Then, once you’ve got an idea, next get your date’s address. Then go get the stuff and the box! After you’ve what you need, fit it in the box, seal it up, put the address on it, and send it off! When you go to send it off, you should get an idea about when it’ll arrive. Then tell your date that you’ve got a special package coming, that it’s for a fun date, and that he/she can’t open it BEFORE the date. Set up the date, and get ready for fun! Once the package is there and the date time/place is set up, go on it! Have fun doing your activity, talk a lot, and go from there. When the date time/activity is over, thank your date and end the call. 
  • Learn how creative you and your date can be. 
  • Learn how much fun you can have with someone over a long distance date.
  • Learn how focused your date can be with you, even when you two aren't together in person.

Type of date:

  • Long Distance Date, can either be #justadate or #deeperdate 
No car:
  • Other than needing a car to pick up the supplies and to send the package, you probably won’t need a car. 
Pro Tip: 
  • Just really think through what you’ll need for the date, that way you don’t miss anything. 

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