Little Yellow RC Plane in the Park - By Brigham Kriser

May 07, 2019

Step by Step:
(1) Purchase the airplane on amazon.
(2) Ask a girl on that date.
(3) Plan a day, time, and place for the date.
(4) Pick the girl up and you can either drive or walk to the park, depending on how far away and how cold/warm it is.
(5) Take out the airplane and briefly fly it to demonstrate how it works for her.
(6) Explain and teach her how to fly the airplane.
(7) Be patient and helpful as she learns how to get the hang of it. Laugh and keep the mood light, be encouraging and kind.
(8) After flying and having a good laugh, walk around the park shortly and just talk, get to know the basics about who she is.
(9) Take her home and thank her for the date.
Optional - This would be an awesome date to do picnic food with.

$35 - $40 (for the first time, then free every time after that)
If you do food or some sort of treat, I would add another $10.

What do you need:  
A date
A good place with enough room to fly a little RC plane.
Food for a picnic (optional)

Where to get the supplies:
Food - Grocery store

Where to do the date:
Top of R mountain
At the Nature park
At Porter or Smith Park
In a field or church parking lot

Ideas to mix up the date:
Make paper airplanes as well
Try different parks or open fields, other places out in nature to see new pretty sights and enjoy other outdoor places.
Make it a group date and race planes
If possible, attach a GoPro (camera) to the bottom of the plane so you can see what the world looks like from up above.  

How to do the date:
You may want to learn how to get the hang of flying the airplane first so that you can show and teach your date how to do it. Try to figure it out so you can effectively teach how to fly it because it may be a first for your date but very unique and fun for them too. It’s very exciting once they finally learn how to do it a little bit and it always brings a big smile to anyone’s face. It opens up great opportunity for interaction with each other and conversation with some good laughs and light feelings. It is perfect for just getting to know somebody better. I would recommend doing this is spring, summer, and early fall. Winter would be a little cold. This RC plane in particular is good because it’s simple and basic to fly and it’s also small and very light and so when in crashes, which it will many times, no damage is done.

You can learn about someone’s appreciation for the outdoors and enjoying life and nature and fresh air.
You can learn a lot about someone’s willingness and desire to try new things.
You can learn about someone’s desire to persevere and at least give their best shot at trying to learn something new which may or could be different and difficult at first.
You can expect some good laughs and needing to be a little patient until the date gets the hang of it.
You can expect good conversation and a fun feeling of trying something unique but really cool and simple too.

Type of date: #JustaDate

No car:
If you wanted to do this date without a car, I would suggest picking a park or place close by (you could even try doing it in a nearby EMPTY parking lot) and then either walking to pick up your date and then walking to the place, or meeting your date there.

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