Favorite Things to Do as a Kid

May 03, 2019

Step by Step:
(1) This is step one, depending on whether or not you want to do food, but if you do, making it a childhood favorite is an awesome idea! You can either find out in advance, or just make it happen on the spot.
(2) Go pick up your date (pretty straightforward)
(3) You and your date both write down a list of three to four of things that you loved to do as a kid. If you know your date well and think that he/she will need some time to think about what he/she liked to do, then give tell him/her in advance to come up with a list.
(4) Once you’ve each come up with your list, then you each decide on one thing from each other’s list to go do. Then go do those things!
(5) After having fun and going and doing those things, thank your date and take him/her home!

Cost: Since there isn’t a set cost with this date, you’ll need to set a budget. I find that a safe budget is anywhere between $15-$20. But depending on your finances, it can easily be a lot less. That’s why you both make a list of 3-4 items that you liked doing, it gives you the flexibility to choose ones that are easier on the wallet.

What do you need:
Depends on the childhood activities that you decide to do together!

Where to get the supplies:
Depending on whether or not you decide to cook something from your date’s childhood, you might need to go to the grocery store. Other than that, it’ll all just depend on what you’re going to do together!

Ideas to mix up the date:
  • You could cook something from each of your childhoods.
  • You could find a fun activity that you mutually liked doing as kids and do that, talking about why you each individually liked doing that as a kid.
  • Make it themed – something you liked to do as a kid outside, inside, on a certain holiday, with a group of friends, with your family, on vacation, by yourself, board games, etc.
How to do the date:
When I do this date, if there’s food involved, I usually start off by trying to eat something that was my date’s favorite childhood food (I’ll either ask her ahead of time or on the spot). If making food is too hard, you could also just go to her favorite childhood fast-food place. The next step from there (if there’s no food involved this is the first step) is to tell my date that the whole point of the night is to relive fun childhood memories/activities. I then have my date write down three things that she loved to do as a kid. Things usually range from drawing, to toys, to certain games, etc. I also write down three things that I loved to do as a kid. From there you swap lists and you each pick one or two that you want to go do. This requires a bit of creativity and being quick on your feet. Depending on whatever is easiest, we’ll do that activity first. During both activities, the point is to have fun, while asking questions about our childhoods and families. This gives you an easy way to get to know her past at a deeper level. 

-Questions you ask might include:
--Why was this activity one of your childhood favorites?
--Who got you into it? Mom? Dad?
--Which parent are you closest to?
--Which parent are you most alike?
--Did you do this activity with your siblings?
--When you were growing up, what chores did you dislike the most?

After we’ve spent some time doing each activity and reliving our childhoods, I usually thank my date for the awesome time and take her home. If we have a bit more time though (and we didn’t already make/get food) I like to grab something sweet and go somewhere to keep chatting and getting to know each other’s past and families.   

- This date gives you the opportunity to learn a LOT more about his/her childhood and what he/she likes to do.
-  You should ask lots of questions and be willing to share a lot about your childhood.
- These types of questions can be deeper (which is why this is a deep date) and you can see how open and vulnerable he/she is willing to be.
- You can compare similarities and differences in family background and talk about things you each hope to do within your own family.

Type of date: #Deepdate

No car: This date would be a lot harder to do without car. That’s because the activities that you’d do aren’t set in stone and might be hard to do in one place. However, if you didn’t have a car and still wanted to do this date, what I would do is just talk to your date ahead of time and get a list of things he/she liked to do a kid and pick the ones that you can do in your apartment or on campus. It doesn’t make the date as spontaneous, but it still provides you the opportunity to really get to know each other and your childhoods.

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