Rock Climbing

November 30, 2018

 Step by step:

(1)   Tell your date that you’ll be rock climbing indoors and to dress accordingly.

(2)   Go pick up your date and head to the climbing gym!

(3)   Once you’re there, if neither of you have climbed before at that gym, you’ll need to sign waivers (most gyms have the waiver online, so you can sign it even before you get there to save time) and have a small instruction on how to belay (if you’re top-roping - climbing with a rope)(usually free).    

(4)   Then from there go climb! I recommend taking turns, but also being considerate of how your date if doing (physically, emotionally, etc.).

(5)   Once you’ve both had enough, thank him/her for climbing with you and take him/her home!

  • Note: If you don’t know how to climb or have never done indoor climbing before, don’t worry, the people running the gym will be able to teach you how to tie the knots, hook the belaying device (grigri, figure 8, etc), put on the harness, etc. Then as far as checking everything, before each climb:
    • The person getting ready to climb looks at the belayer and asks “On belay?”
    • The belayer checks the belaying device and says “Belay on”.
    • The climber then says “Climbing” and the belayer says “Climb on!”
    • These steps just assure safety and that everything is set to climb.


o   Depending on where you go climb and what specials they have that day, I would plan on about $20-$45. It might also vary based on the gear you already have.

o   In Rexburg/Idaho Falls here are the places/prices

§  Stick N Stones

·       Shoes - $2 per pair

·       Climbing - $6 per person

·       Wednesday Special - $4 per person

§  The Rock Gym

·       Shoes - $2 per pair

·       Harness - $1 per person

·       Climbing - $ 8 per person

·       Thursday Special - $6 per person

§  The Edge (Idaho Falls)

·       Shoes - $4 per pair

·       Harness - $3 per person

·       Climbing - $17 per person

·       Saturday Special - $9 per person, rentals are half off

o   You can also get chalk at these places, but it’ll cost you another $2-$3.

What do you need:

  • Just good clothes to climb in!
  • Take your own gear (or borrow) if you can, it’ll save you $$$.

Where to go for the date:

Ideas to mix up the date:

  • Just bolder (no harness/ropes) in designated areas.
  • Get food afterwards.
  • Make it a double date.
  • Challenge each other to do certain routes
  • Play horse (you have to copy moves)
  • Most rock gyms also have slackline you can try (free)
  • At the Rock Gym they have Indo Boards and you can play on those for free, testing your balance and having fun.

What can I learn/expect?

  • Learn how much determination your date has when the climb gets challenging
  • Learn how hard your date pushes him/herself
  • Learn how well your date thinks things through (planning your route before you climb, figuring out what to do when he/she gets stuck)
  • Learn if your date is able to keep him/herself composed even when the climb is difficult.
  • Learn if your date has a growth or fixed mindset.

Final thoughts:

  • This is one of my favorite dates, simply because it’s one of my hobbies and I like both sharing it and showing off some of the skills I have. I wouldn’t recommend this date though if your date has a fear of heights or it makes him/her too uncomfortable. Additionally, if either person has any kind of injury or is too sore from a different workout (which is why you tell your date in advance what you’re doing) then this might not be the right date at that time. Lastly, I would make sure that you do some pretty good/simple stretches before and after the date. If neither of you are climbers, then you’re going to be super sore the next date and stretching helps alleviate a bit of that pain.  

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