Teaching a Passion

November 30, 2018

Type of date: Deeper date (takes longer & can cost more)
  • You probably wouldn’t go on this date until you were dating exclusively

Step by step:
(1)   When you ask someone out for this date, you can choose to make it a surprise, but I would for sure do two things:
a. Tell him/her to wear clothes that you can be active in (otherwise he/she might not feel comfortable or able to do a more active thing)
b. Tell your date to be thinking of three things that he/she is really good at. If you don’t, then sometimes it can be hard for your date to think of things right on the spot.
(2)   Once you pick up your date, you each write down three things that you’re good at. It can really be ANYTHING! It could be exercise/sports, art, music, helping people, their major, etc.
(3)   After you’ve both got your lists of three, swap papers and you each pick one thing that you want to learn, that the other person is going to teach you.
(4)   Then go do those things! Decide which thing to do first (based off of how long it takes, when things close, etc.) and then take about an hour and go have fun! If you are teaching your date first, make sure that your date is comfortable and has fun. Once it’s your date’s turn to teach, watch and see what kind of teach he/she is.
(5)   Once you’ve finished both activities and teaching each other, thank your date and take him/her home!
  • Note: This date doesn’t have a lot of specific steps because it really just depends on you two! That means you’ll have to be quick on your feet! Maybe you’ll have to run to the store. Maybe you’ll have to find a way to play frisbee in the dark. The nice thing though, about putting down three things that you each are good at, is it gives you the option to choose activities that may be easier to do at that moment.
  • Also, it never hurts to grab a quick treat during the date (maybe grab donuts while you make your lists).

  • Like many of the more creative/spontaneous dates on this blog, this one also doesn’t have a set cost, but is one that you need to set a budget for. Based off of what you like to do (let’s say rock climbing for example, that costs about $20), I would add $10 to it. So realistically, this date could cost about $15-$30.

What do you need:
  • To start, just two pieces of paper and an idea of things you are good at!
  • Then depending on what you both like to do, you might need to go grab some things.
  • I would set aside at least 2 - 2½ hours for this date. (Because this is a deeper date for a more serious relationship, spending more than 90 minutes isn’t a big deal.)

Where to get the supplies:
  • Depends on what activities you decide to do!

Ideas to mix up the date:
  • Do more than just one activity on each list
  • You could make more specific lists of things you’re good at, for example - “Things you’re really good at in the park” or “Things that you’re good at when it’s cold outside”.

What you can learn/expect:
  • Learn more about what they’re passionate about
  • Learn how well they teach the things they like
  • Learn how patient of a teacher they (and you) are
  • Learn how teachable they (and you) are
  • Learn how willing they are to try new things (And how they handle new things that might be more challenging!)

What to do if you don’t have a car:
  • To be honest this date would be hard to do without a car! But if you needed to, you could choose activities that you could walk to (like something in a park, something you could do in an apartment, etc.).

Final Thoughts:
  • This date is a fantastic way to learn more about what the other person really is passionate about and how well they can teach their passion. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your skills a bit, which shows your date that you are both competent and that you’ve got something to offer. Anyway, I start off this date by just telling my date that she needs to dress in activity-ready clothes (like if you were to run, hike, etc.) that way if either of you choose a more energetic activity, you’re ready! I also tell my date to be thinking of a few things that she’s really good at. I learned firsthand that if you don’t, your date can feel put on the spot and then struggle to think of three things. After I pick up my date and we make our lists of things we’re good at, we swap lists and we each pick something that we want to learn/do from our date’s list. Then we go do those two activities! You’ll need to make sure you allot time for both, which might require choosing an activity on your date’s list that doesn’t take as long, as well as planning for stores/places closing. After we finish having fun and teaching each other, I thank my date and take her home!

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