Reclaim the Art!

November 29, 2018

Step by step:

(1)   When you’re setting this date up, tell her to dress normally (girls especially want to know what to wear). You don’t have to make it a surprise, but it’s more spontaneous when you do.

(2)   Go pick up your date, tell her the date idea (recreate art + how you decide to mix it up).

(3)   Pull up Pinterest or google and find famous art that you want to recreate together.

(4)   From there you can each pick 2-4 pictures to recreate, that you want to either recreate together or that you want your date to recreate.  

(5)   Go to a fun place with props (DI, Walmart, Dollar Store, etc.) to take the pictures.

(6)   Once you’ve taken all of the pictures, show each other and compare to the real art (doing this over food/sweets is optional and can be kind of a fun way to end the date).

(7)   Take a picture together, take him/her home, thank your date and send her off with an A-Frame hug.
  • NOTE- Guys, there’s some art that simply wouldn’t be appropriate for this date (you know what I’m talking about), please show your date that you are mature and righteous and don’t suggest things you shouldn’t!


  • Honestly this date doesn’t have to cost anything! If you decide to get something sweet to eat with it you can, but otherwise it’s free!

What do you need:

  • Car
  • Two phones with cameras & internet
  • A creative imagination!

Where to get the supplies/ideas:

  • Pinterest
  • It depends on the artwork that you want to recreate, but honestly if you go to Walmart you can find all the props that you need! DI and the Dollar Store work great too!

Ideas to mix up the date:

  • Instead of famous paintings, you could choose famous photos
  • You could also choose famous statues
  • You could pick a specific genre for the photos
  • You could make it more personal and recreate old childhood pictures
  • You could make it more romantic by choosing art/pictures that shows couples
  • You could have your date choose his/her favorite art to go capture.
  • You could do a bit of photoshop or editing to your pictures if you need to better re-create the art.
  • You could add a unique prop to each of the pictures (like a pineapple for example) that you think could improve the artist’s work.
  • You could make it piece of art with a selfie twist.
  • You could get all of your inspiration from a magazine (Liahona, shopping, etc.)
  • You could make it more of a competition and have a friend or roommate judge who was better at recreating the art.

What you could learn/expect:

  • Show your date that you can be spontaneous, goofy, and creative.
  • Learn how creative and fun your date can be.
  • Learn what kind of art he/she likes
  • Learn how respectful he/she is of others and Walmart props.

If you don’t have a car:

  • If you don’t have a car you can still do this date, you’ll just have to be a bit more creative! I would suggest deciding on the pictures at either your or his/her apartment and then seeing what you could use as props. Then I would go on campus with them, so that way you’re recreating them in a fun unique place (not just the living room of some apartment)!

Final Thoughts:
When I do this date, I usually tell my date that what we’re doing is a surprise and to just dress normally (sweater, t-shirt, jeans, etc.). Then when I go pick her up I tell her that we’re going to be a bit goofy and try to recreate famous art. I then pull up pinterest or just google (be careful when you google art) “famous art” and it pulls up a bunch of famous pictures (you could be even more specific and google “famous waterportaits” or “18th century art”). From there I tell her to pick three pictures that she wants me to recreate and I pick three pictures for her. After that we swap pictures and either individually or together figure out how to best re-make those pictures! I usually go to Walmart to try to re-create them, simply because there’s a lot of things you can use as props there. I also usually tell my date that she’s going to take the pictures of me and I of her (that way you don’t have to try to do selfies of these pictures). Once you’ve spent 45 minutes or so having fun capturing the pictures together, find a place (either in your car, at someone’s apartment, or outside at a park (if it’s warm enough) and show each other the pictures you captured and compare them to the real art (you could also get food/sweets, after you’ve taken the pictures and then show each other the pictures). Then it’s usually been over an hour, so I thank my date and take her home! 


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