The ABC Date

November 13, 2018

Step by Step:

(1)   Tell your date that this date is going to be a surprise and that you’re going to need her help.

(2)   Get the supplies and go pick up your date.

(3)   With your date, write out the letters A-Z on a piece of paper, then chop them up and put them in a hat (or bowl, or whatever you’ve decided to draw the letters out of)

(4)   At this point I like to tell my date that we’re going to do two things, eat something and do a fun activity, and what we eat and what we do, will be determined by which letters we draw (one each). You might also tell them that you have to do all of these things within a $___ spending limit.

(5)   Then you draw a letter to first determine together what you’re going to eat. An example could be drawing out an “F” and going to eat French Fries and Frosties (you can choose ANYTHING or any restaurant that starts with F).

(6)   Next, pull out another letter to determine together what activity(ies) you’re going to do. For example, if you pull out a “D” you could draw, dance, dunk (basketballs), or go for a drive.

(7)   After you two have decided what you’re going to do, based on the letters pulled, decide what order to do them in. Then go do them!

(8)   Once you’ve finished, take your date home! Remember, if this is one of your first few dates with someone it is best to keep it brief (less than 90 minutes). If not, feel free to extend it a while!


·   This date needs boundaries for cost, otherwise you could spend a lot of money on it. If you want to do dinner with it, I would put a budget of $15-$20. If you’re not going to do a dinner as part of the date, then I would say about $10. Feel free to set the budget up front with your date.

What do you need:  

  • Pen & paper
  • Scissors
  • A bowl or hat (something to draw letters out of)
  • A car
  • A creative imagination
  • A dictionary (optional)  

Where to get the supplies:  

  • Hopefully it’s not hard to find pen, paper, scissors, and something to pull letters out of.
  • If you don’t have a car, maybe you can borrow a roommate’s car or make this some sort of double date.

Ideas to mix up the date:

  • You could choose a few activities to do, based on various letters.
  • You could set a restriction on the activities to be either inside or outside
  • You could try to use the letters throughout the date as guides to what to talk about or do (example, if you chose D – and decided to draw, you could use the letters to dictate what to draw).  


  • Find out how creative your date is.
  • Learn some things about how you (and your date) make decisions.
  • Find out if your date can be spontaneous.
  • Get to find out what your date likes to do.

Final Thoughts:
This date is very spontaneous, and you’ve got to be pretty creative with it. When I ask a girl out for this date, I always tell her that it’s going to be a surprise and that I’m going to need her help. Then once I pick her up, we write out the alphabet on a piece of paper and then cut it up. From there I tell her that everything we do on the date will depend on whatever letter we pull out of the hat. So first the letters tell us what we’re going to eat. Then we pick an activity. Sometimes you’ll pull some pretty hard letters and you might have to pick a small activity, before choosing another letter. That’s ok though because the whole point of the date is to just to have fun and decide together. After you’ve done a few things and it’s been an hour or so, wrap up your last activity and take your date home. One thing that could help if you’re going on this date for the first time is to think of a couple of ideas in advance. But really, this date will push you and hopefully you come together to have some fun!

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