Get-to-Know-You Photo Scavenger Hunt

November 12, 2018

Step by Step:
(1)   Pick up your date & go somewhere to eat a treat. (e.g., Ice cream, frozen yogurt, hot chocolate, donuts, cookies, chocolate bars, etc.)
(2)   Once you and your date have sat down and started eating, pull out the pens and paper.
(3)   Tell your date that you both are going on a Get-to-Know-You Photo Scavenger hunt.
(4)   You both write down 4-5 questions that you want to get to know the other person better.
(5)   Then you swap lists and go wherever you need to, to take pictures to answer the questions.
(6)   After you both have at least one picture to answer each question, find a place to sit down and tell the stories behind the pictures.
·       Sometimes I do this back at my apartment, other times if it’s nice outside I’ll just do it at a nearby park. I’ve also done it just sitting in my car with my date, because it was too cold outside and there was nowhere else to sit and chat just the two of us.
(7)   Once you both have finished sharing your pictures/stories in response to the questions, take a picture together and then take your date home.

Cost: It really just depends on what you choose to do for a treat while you talk and make the lists. I always try to set a budget of $5-$10, but it can easily be much cheaper than that!

What do you need:
·       Two pieces of paper (note cards work great).
·       Two pens
·       Two working phones with camera capacities
Where to get the supplies:
·       Well ideally you have a phone that works, and your date does as well. If he/she doesn’t, you can just share one phone.
·       It’s pretty easy to find paper and pens.
·       If worse comes to worst, you could just make the lists on each other’s phones.  

Ideas to mix up the date:
·       Make it a surprise, just tell your date that you’ll be doing a get-to-know-you activity.
·       Set a theme for the questions
·       Eat different desserts
·       Make the lists longer (6+ questions)
·       Have two pictures per question
·       Pick one location to find all of your answers
·       Do it inside, outside, at Walmart, library with books, etc.
·       Try doing it in reverse, you each take pictures of 5 random things and then you have to try to connect them to stories in your life (so no lists of questions).
·       If you don’t have a car, you can just meet at a centralized location (such as campus) to which you both have access (you can pick up treats in advance)

·       Get to know your date in a creative way and share/hear funny stories
·       See how creative your date is
·       Share stories from your life

Final Thoughts:
This is a really fun get-to-know-you date because it gives you the opportunity to hear & tell cool stories, using pictures. I start by picking up my date and going to the predetermined place to eat the treat. Another option is deciding together where to go get the treat (I usually do this by telling my date that I can’t decide between two options). Once there, I like to sit down with my date and just chat for a bit. Then at one point, I pull out the pens and paper and tell her that we’ll be doing a get-to-know-you scavenger hunt. To do this, we each need to write down 4-5 get to know you questions that the other person has to answer with a picture. For example, “What’s something that you are passionate about?”, “What’s an important thing you’ve learned this week?”, “What is something that reminds you of a fun time with your family?”, and “What’s something that scares you?”. Once you’ve each written down the questions, swap lists and individually think about what’s the “best picture” that could be taken to answer it. Once you’ve done that, you just need to go to the places to take the best pictures. I usually go to the park & Walmart (you can find pictures to take of anything there). After we have all the pictures, I look for a quiet place that we can sit and show the pictures and tell the stories. If this isn’t my apartment or her apartment, sometimes it’s just in the car before I drop her off. After I finish, I drop her off!

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