Snow Sledding at the Sand Dunes

November 12, 2018

Step by Step:
(1)  One of the most important things on this date is making sure that your date dresses warmly! Gloves, coats, winter shoes, etc.
(2)  If you don’t already have sleds, the ORC rents them out. I would pick them up there before you get your date.
(3)  After you pick up your date, drive to the sand dunes.
(4)  From here on out, climb the dunes and sled to your hearts’ content!
(5)  After your done sledding, I always like to get hot chocolate.
(6)  Once you’ve finished, take your date home.

Cost: It depends on the type of sled you get & if you get hot chocolate.
  • Typically $10 for two sleds and $6 for hot chocolate.

What do you need:
  • WARM CLOTHING! I can’t emphasize this enough. Hats, gloves, scarfs, thick coats, GOOD SOCKS, etc.
  • A pretty good car to drive to the dunes (I’ve had mine get stuck in the snow and let me tell you, that changes the date a lot).
Where to get the supplies:
  • A pretty good car to drive to the dunes (I’ve had mine get stuck in the snow and let me tell you, that changes the date a lot).
  • For hot chocolate you could bring it in a thermal or go to Coco Bean.

Ideas to mix up the date:
  • Going at night is super fun and a different way to go on this date.    
  • Doubling also makes it more interesting.

  • See how well your date can handle snow and cold.
  • See how well he/she prepares for things.
  • See how well your date likes snow and winter (watch his/her attitude).

Final Thoughts:
This is a great winter date, especially for Rexburg. When I ask a girl on this date, I make sure she knows to dress warmly, because if she gets cold the date losses fun pretty quickly. So, I get dressed warm, then go pick up my date, and we head to the dunes. Once there, there are so many fun hills to sled down. You can also make snow angels, have snowball fights, and try to build a snowman. After you’re done sledding, head back to the car and crank up the heat. Then head to Coco Bean and get hot chocolate. Or if you’ve brought hot chocolate in a thermos, then I would just drive to a cool look out place. Or if you’re doing this date after dark (which I highly recommend), then looking up at the stars at the dunes is an excellent way to end the date. Note, if you’re going to go after dark, make sure you bring headlamps, I promise it’s way better than trying to hold a light. After you’re done, thank your date and take him/her home.

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