Spontaneous Relaxation Date

November 12, 2018

Step by Step:

(1)   Pick up your date, tell her that the date will be pretty spontaneous.

(2)   Pick a website (see options below) and each pick 3-4 “relaxation ideas.” You can send your date a link to these websites in advance if you would like.

(3)   Write down the ideas (combine both lists) on a piece of paper and figure out how to go do them.

(4)   From here on out it’s up to you! It really just depends on what you choose.

(5)   After 60- 90 minutes, wrap up the last “relaxation idea” and take your date home.

Cost: Depends on what you do, but I personally always set a budget of $10- $15.

What do you need:

·       A car.

·       A date that’s cool with being pretty spontaneous.

·       Whatever your “relaxation idea” needs

o   (Sometimes you’ll need materials to draw with, sometimes you’ll need candles to smell, or fish to go watch)


Where to get the supplies:

·       Here are the websites [WARNING - Obviously you won’t be able to do all of these relaxation ideas with your date (i.e. bubble bath and a good book, or kissing) so be mature and adapt the ideas as needed].

Ideas to mix up the date:

·       If you wanted to make the date longer, you could each choose 4-5 ideas.

·       You could swap lists and find a way to fulfill your date’s list.

·       If it is cold outside, either restrict your relaxation strategies to things that can be done inside OR be creative and do "outside things" in an inside way.


  • Relax but have fun.
  • Find out how spontaneous and creative your date can be.
  • How he/she likes to relax and enjoy life.

Final Thoughts:

You have to be pretty spontaneous and creative for this date. This helps you learn a lot about your date: what he/she is comfortable with and how creative and helpful he/she can be. I start the date by picking up my date and telling her “Ok this date is going to be pretty crazy and spontaneous and I’m going to need your help. For this date we’re going to try out some different ‘relaxation ideas’. After we both pick out our ideas, I write them all down on a piece of paper and tell my date that we are going to do them all and we have to find the best way. We then go do them! For one date, we had watching fish, drawing, listening to music, and smelling candles on the list. So, we went to Walmart, watched fish and smelled the candles there. Then we picked up stuff to draw with (crayons, colored pencils, and paper) and went back to my apartment to draw. We put on some soft music (according to the relaxation tip) and had fun drawing. But really, this date can be done in so many ways. Maybe you find a fun spot and try mediating. Maybe you dance. It just depends on what you and your date think would be relaxing. After you finish everything on the list, thank your date and take him/her home. If this is your first 3-4 dates with someone, don’t forget to keep it under an hour and a half!

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