A Night With Bob Ross

May 31, 2019

Step by Step
(1) Ask a girl/guy out on #justadate. When you do, make sure that they know that you’ll be painting and to dress appropriately.
(2) If you do make it a group, make sure that you make sure you have enough paint, stools to sit on, canvases, and space for the date.
(3) Gather the supplies needed. You can either do this before or after you pick up your date. Doing it with your date could be fun if you decide to be creative and get random/unique paint colors. Doing it before you pick up your date will save you time on the date.
(4) After you’ve picked up your date and have the supplies, go back to wherever you’re going to do the date.
(5) Next (if you haven’t already), tell your date that you’ll be doing Bob Ross paintings where he teaches you step by step how to paint like a pro with only happy accidents.
(6) Now pick a Bob Ross painting episode to follow (you can find episodes on YouTube or Netflix).
(7) After the episode is picked, I would start by first making sure everyone has the paint and paint brushes needed. Additionally, most of Bob’s paintings have a layer of white paint across the whole canvas before he even begins, so it’s not a bad idea to start with that. Also, I would have your water (to clean off your brushes) ready already and paper towels/napkins available for quick and easy grab. One last note, we used chairs as easel, but then eventually ended up holding the paintings across our laps, either works (or you could pay more and buy wooden easel)!
(8) Have fun painting! You’ll probably have to stop the recording quite a few times to make sure that you all can paint what he’s telling you to (which is why this date can take a bit of time).
(9) At the end make sure you take pictures of your masterpieces!
(10) Clean up! Make sure you clean up any paint that dripped on yourself, floor, etc. I think this one is pretty self explanatory!
(11) Take your date home, walk your date to the door, thank him/her, and (optional) set up another date.
What do you need:
  • Paint (Bob uses acrylic, but I suppose you could try different types)
  • Canvases 
  • Access to Bob (TV, YouTube, Netflix, etc) 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Paint tray (something to put the paint on)
  • Cup of water to clean brushes off
  • Paper towels (optional)
  • Towel to cover lap (optional)
  • Plastic covering  (optional)
  • Paint -  $3-6 (at Walmart)
  • Canvases - $4-6 (at Walmart)
  • Paint brushes - $1-$5 (at Walmart)
  • Paint tray - ??? (It really just depends on what you get/decide to use. If you run to DI and just pick out a few solid pieces of plastic, then not very much. But if you get nice ones, probably around $5-6)
So, as noted, this date can cost a bit more (between $10-$25), but you will have leftover supplies. And if you make it a double, then it’s even cheaper.
Where to get the supplies:
  • Walmart
  • Target 
  • Local craft stores (so Rexburg - A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts)
  • Etc. 

Ideas to mix up the date:
  • Use different paint types
  • Do it blindfolded
  • Share a canvas
  • Make it a competition and then have other people judge your art.
  • Swap the episode half way through and try to combine the paintings.
  • Swap canvases every 10 minutes
  • Use your fingers instead of brushes (or find random things to be your brushes)
  • Paint in different places (outside, different buildings, etc.)
  • Watch the episode, write down the instructions on how to paint things (like mountains, trees, the sky, etc.) then go paint your own landscape.
  • Use a tiny easel and canvas (which you can buy at Walmart for $2 (see picture at the bottom))
How to do the date:
This date can be a lot of fun (whether that’s as a single or a double date), and can help you get to know how artistic your date is, as well as how patient, goofy, and creative he/she is. I personally think it’s best to get all the supplies & space ready beforehand. Once you’ve picked up your date (having told him/her to dress appropriately at least a few hours BEFORE the date), head back to your designated painting place and get started! Turn on the episode and have fun! You’ll probably have to pause it a few times to catch up with Bob (he’s fast). After you’re done, show off your master works of art, take pictures, and clean up. Then take your date home and thank him/her for an awesome time!
  • Learn how patient your date is
  • Learn how your date feels about making mistakes (or happy accidents)
  • Learn how detailed your date likes to be 
  • Learn what landscapes, colors, moods (paintings translate moods) your date likes.
Type of date: Depends on how long you choose to spend on it! It can be #justadate or it could be a #deeperdate
No car: As long as you are able to get the supplies that you need (which you could walk to), you just need a room to paint in (or you could even do it outside). It’s totally doable without a car!
Pro tips:
  • Not as great of a first date because it can easily take longer than 60-90 minutes  
  • Please note that it can totally take longer than expected 
  • You usually need more white paint than you think
  • Great if the girl/guy is an introvert (that’s because you both can focus on painting and don’t need to be talking the whole time) 
  • Get a solid piece of plastic to mix paints on/in (we used an old tupperware lid)
  • If you run out of paint of any color, I dabbed my brush in water and it helped me get more out of the paint already on my canvas. 
  • If you really don’t want to get paint on or around you, you can either buy plastic covering (it’s in the paint section at Walmart and isn’t very expensive) or you can use clean dish towels to drape over your legs or around the floor where you are painting. 
  • If you are running out of time, you can try doing it in sections. So skip to minute 5, paint, then skip to minute 10 (etc.). 
  • If either you or your date are very detailed oriented and meticulous, just a heads up, this will take even longer. 

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