Mission Impossible

June 28, 2019

Step by Step:

(1) Even before you pick up your date, I would recommend having part of the course set up. Doing so will impress your date and give him/her a clear idea of what the date is going to be like. (2) After you’ve picked your location, take the chalk, tape, zip-lock bag, yarn, scissors, and small tool to crush things with, and go set up! What you’ll want to do first is to take the yarn and measure out different lengths to cover the hallway (both horizontally, vertically, diagonally, etc.).  

(3) Once you’ve measublack and cut out 10-15 pieces, take the chalk, put it in the bag, and crush it up. Then throw in the yarn and start shaking it up! 
(4) With the yarn all white and coveblack in chalk, pull out the strands one at a time and tape the ends to the walls & ceiling in different angles and patterns. 
(5) If you are going to leave it, I would just leave one end taped to the wall, and the other hanging (so that way people can still pass) and then I would just leave a note that says “please don’t remove the yarn, elaborate date in process”.  
(6) Once you’ve set up enough, go pick up your date and go back to the mission impossible location!  
(7) Back at the spot, put on some mission impossible spy music and start going through the laser maze! Try different combinations, try challenging each other (or the other couple if it’s a group date), and just have fun! If you and your date want to make it harder or shake it up, you can easily add more laser “wires” or move them around.   
(8)  After you’re done going through the maze, I would make sure to take a picture of you and your date! Once you have that, just clean up, making sure to get all of the tape on the walls and not leaving a mess. 
(9) Then take your date home and thank him/her for the fantastic time!
  • Yarn $2 
  • Chalk - $1 
  • Tape -$1 
  • Ideally you already have some small plastic bags, scissors, and an easy way to crush the chalk, so this date really shouldn’t be more than $5. Now, if you “Add Other Spy Stuff” (see below Pro Tips), then it could definitely cost a bit more, but I would still expect it to be under $15. 
What do you need: 
  • Tape
  • Yarn (preferably black)
  • Plastic bags (small zip-lock bags)
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • A good way to crush the chalk (rock, hammer, etc)
  • A speaker and spy music 
  • A good hallway (Another small list of possible things you might need will be included in the “Add Other Spy Stuff” section.
Where to get the supplies: 
  • Walmart had the prices I mentioned 
  • Arts and crafts store (yarn and chalk)
Where to find a good hallway: 
  • When I say “good hallway”, I mean one that isn’t too wide, isn’t going to have a ton of people needing to pass through it, and one that doesn’t have paintings (or mirrors, other fragile things, etc) every foot. 
  • Being here on campus you’ve got some options with different campus buildings. Here are two that I recommend…
  1. Romney bottom floor (pictures included below) 
  2. The Rigby Hall (picture below). 
  • If you aren’t here on campus, other ideas include: A church hallway if you have access to a church building.  Outside between two close buildings  A hallway in a house.
Ideas to mix up the date: 

  • Give each other code names or make up your own
  • Dim the lights 
  • Make course challenges  Hold hands
    No hands
    One foot
    Follow the leader
    Wear the other person’s glasses
  • Learn how energetic & fun your date can be
  • Learn how creative he/she can be 
  • Learn how fit & flexible he/she is 
  • Learn how willing he/she is to trying new things
Type of date: #justadate  

No car: Having a car for this date isn’t necessary. You will need to find a way to gather the needed supplies, but if you do the actual activity on campus, you and your date can just meet up there! 

Pro Tips: 
  • Keep your shoes on. It can be tempting to try sliding with just socks on, or scaling the walls, but taking your shoes off can lead to a smelly hallway. 
  • I wouldn’t take a girl who you think would be uncomfortable going through an obstacle course (either due to embarrassment, lack of flexibility, etc.), simply because it could make this date very awkward very quickly.

Add Other Spy Stuff: 
  • Car Swerves  Most spy movies have some sort of car chase or action. And while we don’t want to break the law and do a car chase, you could still find an empty parking lot or safe space and create a course. To create the course I would just use black plastic cups as cones, then you could put time challenges to get through the course without taking out any cups. You would need cups and a car that sits closer to the ground. 
  • Code Breaking  This is especially fun if it’s a double. What I would do is have the mission of creating a code for the other couple to break. For example, both couples could make a 4 number/character code by going into a building, creating and writing down clues (example: how many stairs are there from top to bottom minus 15), then both couples come back and swap clue lists. Then the first couple to break the other couple’s code wins and gets to go through the laser course first (or pick some other prize).  You would just need paper and pens. 
  • Nerf Gun shooting  What spy movie doesn’t have a gun fight? Nerf guns aren’t quite the same, but it comes somewhat close to recreating it. You could also shoot targets (if it’s a single date). You could have the guns be on the other side of the laser course or in a totally separate area. Also, watch out for eyes (“you’ll shoot your eye out!”) You just need nerf guns and nerf bullets. You could look for cheap guns like this at DI or at the Dollar Store.  


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