Cereal Date

October 23, 2018

  1. Secure a picnic basket.
  2. Ideally have a picnic blanket (optional, but girls love it).
  3. Have bowls, spoons, napkins (or paper towels), and cups (if you’re going to have juice). Make sure these are clean :)
  4. Have everything you need in the basket and put the basket in the car.
  5. Go pick up your date.
  6. Go to the grocery store together and pick out a favorite cereal and milk. Note: What I typically do is have my date pick out her top 3 favorite cereals and then you choose which of those three you want to eat (or vice-versa)
  7. Pick a random place on campus (inside) or outside (depending on the weather) to have the picnic. You can pick this on your own or with your date. (examples: campus building, parks, churches, other public places)
  8. Go have the picnic, talk, and have fun!
  9. Gather up everything you brought and go back to the car.
  10. Take your date home!

  • If you already have the picnic basket & blanket, then you just need the food. Milk is typically $1.50 (I’d get ½ a gallon) and cereal is typically $3. So a total of about $5.

What do you need:
  • Picnic basket.
  • Picnic blanket (optional).
  • Bowls, spoons, cups, and napkins.
  • Milk and cereal.

Where to get the supplies:
  • Thrift stores or D.I. usually have picnic baskets for $3-5 dollars. If you find a good picnic blanket here, make sure you wash it first.
  • Picnic blankets are also available at Walmart for about $15.
  • Walmart, Albertsons, Broulims, etc. for the food.

Ideas to mix up the date.
  • This date is pretty spontaneous in and of itself (you don’t know exactly where you’ll be having the picnic, what cereal you’ll be eating, etc.), but you could add fruit to your cereal, or pick a juice to drink.
  • Have your date’s bowl, cup, & spoon and let him/her have yours, then make each other “earn” them back by answering questions (it’s just a fun simple way to get to know the other person).

  • Have a fun picnic.
  • Get to know your date better. 
  • Find out if your date is down for picnics in spontaneous random places. 
  • Determine if you would like to go on another date with this person. 

Remember, it's #justadate!

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